Maine is the most peaceful state in the union and has been for 11 years.

According to the US Peace Index, Maine is the most peaceful state and has been for 11 years. That is terrific, but of course we already knew that. Here in Maine, murder is still news. Attempted murder is news. Hunting accidents are news. Sometimes when people get ticked off and shoot someone in the arm, it’s news. When fishermen get cranky at each other over turf and shoot at each other, that’s definitely news. (Most don’t carry guns in their boats like they used to though.) We still get shocked over this news and shake our heads and talk about it to our friends and family. These things are rare up here, so they are news and I like it that way. And by the way, this index has definitely made the news. You can check it out here.

Brunswick Maine is one of Smithsonian Magazine’s top 20 small town in America

This is terrific. Brunswick Maine is only 15 minutes from Quahog Bay Inn and the town all of Harpswell goes to do their banking, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and that sort of stuff. Well sometimes we go to Bath Maine too since our bank has branches at both Brunswick and Bath. Brunswick is a great small town. It’s home to Bowdoin college, a beautiful small liberal arts college that has two lovely museums and a summer music theater. There are also lots of restaurants; Indian, Italian, Mexican, Deli’s, just about anything you want can be found in Brunswick, (that is if you’ve already eaten enough seafood at our great restaurants in Harpswell.) Check out the Smithsonian article here:

New dock work at our onsite lobster dock

There has been some work done at Quahog Bay Inn located in Harpswell, Maine. The deep water dock on the lobster dock, in front of and to the side of the bait cooler has been replaced. Here are some photos of the work and the almost finished product.

Deep water dock work at Quahog Bay

Deep water dock on Quahog Bay

We’ve had some other work done too and I’ll post photos as soon as I can.

February is the best month of the winter

February is a great month. First of all, it’s the shortest month of the year and the only month that changes ever 4 years. I remember when I was young they called that 29th day, Sadie Hawkins day; a day when women could propose to a gentleman of their fancy. I haven’t heard that for years though. I guess the days of women waiting around for a suitor to come a calling has long passed.
February has a lot of other great things about it too. Personally, it’s the month that people start making Inn reservations again. We don’t hear a lot from people in December and January. Besides that, February has 3 great holidays; Valentines Day, President’s Day and Ground Hog Day. Does that ground hog ever predict that winter is over? For us on the coast of Maine, winter never did start, and I’m not complaining!
February is also Black history month. Maine has numerous documented underground railroad sites. It might be an interesting project for the month to visit these historic sites. Harriet Beecher Stowe house here in Brunswick is just one of the documented sites.
There’s even more great things about February; maple sugar starts to be collected and turned into syrup; Westminster Kennel Club dog show happens; Quebec holds a great winter carnival; president day sales are everywhere; the sun is noticeable stronger; the days are noticeable longer; base ball’s spring training begins; and the Mardi Gras happens, (once in awhile that happens in March.)
February is also a busy time here on the Maine Coast. Fishermen all along the coast are working on their boats and gear. Shrimp season just ended, which is a sad day for me because Maine shrimp are the best shrimp anywhere. Some lobstermen are still fishing, so lobsters are still available, and the price is pretty good right now. Let’s hope the price can hold on through the spring.
So as you can see, I think a lot of February. I hope the month is great for you too!

Happy New Year from the Coast of Maine

As we ring in the New Year and say goodbye to 2011, I am so happy and grateful to all that visited Quahog Bay Inn over our first 2 years in business. 2011 was another success. We doubled our occupancy and we already have many reservations from people who plan to return in 2012. Last year we added continental breakfasts, a new boat and outboard, and a couple of paddle boards. Hallie and I had lots of fun cooking muffins and making coffee every morning. We enjoyed having a cup of coffee and chatting with whoever stopped in, including a few lobster fishermen and other locals that came looking for a cup of hot coffee. We had fantastic weather for most of the summer with the occasional and expected Maine Coast fog. Personally, I think fog on the rocky coast of Maine is always beautiful and magical. We are already working on new things for our 2012 season, including The Gull’s Nest which will be all new and ready by May 1st. Happy New Year! Have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you in 2012.

Standard time is here

This morning we changed our clocks from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. While I don’t like to see dusk before 5 p.m., my husband dislikes leaving to haul his traps 2 hours before daybreak. So I’m happy for him this morning. He will actually travel to his lobster traps while the sun is starting to light the east sky again. Most of the year he watches the sun rise from his boat, so He doesn’t quite get as excited as I do about a beautiful sunrise. Sorry, I just got sidetracked.
Here on the Maine Coast we have lost over 5 hours of daylight since June 21st. That’s a lot! Sunrise this morning is at 6:22 a.m. and sets at 4:27. That’s a short day, but by the time Dec 21st arrives, our day light hours will be down to 7:12 a.m. to 4:10 p.m. I’ll need one of those light machines, and hopefully my husband will be home with his traps on the shore.

Gull’s Nest Suite

Our previously unavailable Gull’s Nest suite will be available for the 2012 season. We had a lovely couple who held this suite for years. They have sadly moved on to a retirement village and have vacated the Gull’s Nest. The Gull’s Nest is on the first floor with south/east views of the bay. This suite is a little more private than our other suites with it’s west facing entry and private porch. We will be renovating this suite over the winter. The Gull’s Nest will have a king sized bed, and the decor will be light and airy with a some charts and marine things around. The Gull’s Nest will be our least expensive suite, and I’m sure our guests will love it. Photos to come!!!

Cundy’s Harbor Days

What’s with all those signs at the Cundy’s Harbor turn? Well it’s Cundy’s Harbor Days. Tomorrow’s the last day and I believe the day that Miss Cundy’s Harbor is crowned. They started this a couple of years ago and are keeping it up. So cheer’s to Cundy’s Harbor Days! Tomorrow is the blessing of the fleet. Some dress their boats up for the event….some just bring boats as is. It’s a good sight, anyway, so swing on by Watson’s wharf and watch the parade of boats at 8 a.m. I have to say that I am sorry that I missed the 5k run today. I was busy cooking blueberry muffins and making coffee. If they do the 5k run again next year, I will be there! Someone else will have to cook.