Osprey 2 poem

I just found this on a piece of paper towel in our Osprey 2 suite.  I love it!  Thank you Alice and Patrick!!!  We love you here!


“We have stayed

across the land

in Mtn cabins,

tween dunes of sand

but one place holds a

place so dear,

On Quahog Bay

we love it here.”

Opening Day is Around the Corner!


May First is opening day for us and a number of other businesses here in Harpswell Maine.

It was a long winter, and we are so happy to see some of the area’s  seasonal guests arrive. Ospreys, phoebes, robins, finches are a few of the birds that are already here.

The spring bulbs are peeking out above the surface of the ground and almost all the snow is gone! Days are longer and the sun is stronger.

We are looking forward to our first guests of the season arriving soon.  We still have some rooms available for various dates in May… and onward. Come share part of your spring or summer with us on the coast of Maine.

Early fall on Quahog Bay



The leaves are starting to turn and our prices have dropped to our fall rates.  We have had a lot of returning customers that wait until the kids are back in school and the air turns crisp to come visit. This time of year we have more time to chat too, and it’s great to catch up on the year’s events.

Many of the birds that spent the summer on Quahog Bay have started their migration south.  We still have migrating Osprey, Blue Herons and Kingfishers traveling through. They stop to fish in the bay. This is always the time of year that I see the most Kingfishers.

The lobstermen too are moving their gear down the bay into deeper water.  There are a lot less buoys in the bay.  Its too bad that as the days get shorter and the lobstermen need to spend more time traveling to their gear.  Many are leaving in the dark and soon will be returning in the dark too.

Autumn is a spectacular time in Maine.  The apples are ready and the lobsters are delicious.  The trees are changing and the flowers are being replaced with frost hardy mums.  There are less people on the road and more openings at the Inn.  Hopefully we will see you soon!



A lobster fisherman checking a lobster’s tail

This lobster fisherman is my husband, John Powers, in his boat the Cecelia!  He is checking this female lobster’s tail for a notch that indicates that she belongs to the state of Maine and she is free to live and breed until she sheds off her v notched tail.  There is a fine for being caught with one of the state of Maine’s lobsters!











I broke my foot!

Nine days ago, I stepped in a hole while moving a picnic table at the Inn and I sprained my ankle and broke my 5th metatarsal bone.  Ouch!  Yesterday was my first day back to work at the Inn.  I actually only cooked and took care of a few charges.  Today, I’m back to sitting around with my foot up.  I miss the Inn and all of our wonderful guests!  Maybe I’ll just go sit around down there and talk.

Enjoy these photos of the Inn, Pinkham Point and Quahog Bay

















Quahog Bay Inn, Pinkham Point and Quahog Bay from the air

 Here are two beautiful areal photographs of the Inn and Pinkham Point.  These photos were taken by Chopper Shots.

xIMG_0151 copyIMG_0156

Labor Day Weekend, already?

Why does summer go by so fast?  We’ve had a great summer here on the coast of Maine.  It’s been pretty dry with lots of sunshine and just the right amount of fog.  This morning is dry, cool and sunny.  A great day for the Great State of Maine Air Show that’s going to start at any moment, but for me, this weather reminds me that fall is at our doorstep.  The college kids have headed back to school.  I miss my daughter so much already.  She’s headed off for her final year of undergrad work at UNH in Durham.  My son has headed up to PEI in Canada for his second year at Atlantic Veterinary College. Brunswick is starting to fill with Bowdoin college kids.  We’ve had some great times this summer.  I’m posting photos of the kids blue fishing and paddle boarding.  We have a little over 2 months before closing the Inn for the season, and I hope the next two months go by a bit slower.  I expect they will.  Things slow down here in September and it’s a great time to visit Maine.  Come on up to stay or stop in for a cup of coffee and meet Marcie, my new and very funny helper.  She makes really great coffee!

Happy Fourth of July from Quahog Bay Inn

Hallie’s hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate the 4th
Happy 4th from Quahog Bay Inn


Family friendly suites? Yes!

Quahog Bay Inn is a family friendly place. We have two suites that are prefect for small families. The Osprey 1 and the Great Island Suites both have queen sized beds in the front bedroom and twins in the second. Of course we can make those twins into king sized beds pretty darn fast, but it’s perfect for families just the way they are. Kids love to watch the goings on of the dock. We also have fishing poles and kayaks that are prefect for kids. (Parents do have to accompany the children on the dock and kayaks.) The rocky shore on both sides of the deep water dock is perfect for skipping stones or hunting the small green crabs that live under the seaweed. There’s always shells, pretty rocks and snails that are fun to look at and collect. Away from the dock, families can enjoy the many hiking trails and public areas that Harpswell has to offer. I know this place is great for kids. I grew up here doing the things I’ve mentioned,and I often I still do. Just yesterday my daughter and I fished for mackerel off the floats. We had a blast.