A lobster fisherman checking a lobster’s tail

This lobster fisherman is my husband, John Powers, in his boat the Cecelia!  He is checking this female lobster’s tail for a notch that indicates that she belongs to the state of Maine and she is free to live and breed until she sheds off her v notched tail.  There is a fine for being caught with one of the state of Maine’s lobsters!











I broke my foot!

Nine days ago, I stepped in a hole while moving a picnic table at the Inn and I sprained my ankle and broke my 5th metatarsal bone.  Ouch!  Yesterday was my first day back to work at the Inn.  I actually only cooked and took care of a few charges.  Today, I’m back to sitting around with my foot up.  I miss the Inn and all of our wonderful guests!  Maybe I’ll just go sit around down there and talk.

Enjoy these photos of the Inn, Pinkham Point and Quahog Bay