Labor Day Weekend, already?

Why does summer go by so fast?  We’ve had a great summer here on the coast of Maine.  It’s been pretty dry with lots of sunshine and just the right amount of fog.  This morning is dry, cool and sunny.  A great day for the Great State of Maine Air Show that’s going to start at any moment, but for me, this weather reminds me that fall is at our doorstep.  The college kids have headed back to school.  I miss my daughter so much already.  She’s headed off for her final year of undergrad work at UNH in Durham.  My son has headed up to PEI in Canada for his second year at Atlantic Veterinary College. Brunswick is starting to fill with Bowdoin college kids.  We’ve had some great times this summer.  I’m posting photos of the kids blue fishing and paddle boarding.  We have a little over 2 months before closing the Inn for the season, and I hope the next two months go by a bit slower.  I expect they will.  Things slow down here in September and it’s a great time to visit Maine.  Come on up to stay or stop in for a cup of coffee and meet Marcie, my new and very funny helper.  She makes really great coffee!