Congratulations to the Bowdoin graduates and their parents!

We had a bunch of happy relatives stay here for Bowdoin’s graduation this weekend. Bowdoin College is 15 minutes from here, which is perfect for parents and relatives that want to be on the water, yet still close to the goings on at Bowdoin. It’s always a fun weekend for them with many happy parents celebrating their bright children and their new break from tuition payments. Bowdoin is a pretty expensive school and it’s hard to get into, so the accomplishment of graduating from Bowdoin is really something to be proud of. Bowdoin puts on a nice weekend long event starting out with a big lobster bake on Friday night. Of course the lobsters are supplied by us from our little dock, Quahog Lobster, that is located on the deep water dock just steps away from the Inn. The lobster dock is available for our guests to buy lobsters or get lobsters cooked, or hang out, or watch the lobster fishermen sell their catch. Bowdoin college served almost 2000 lobsters during their graduation bake, and I heard that each lobster was served hot. I think that’s quite an accomplishment and must be why Bowdoin college is on the top of the list for college cuisines. Again, congratulations to the graduates and their proud parents! Come back to visit, reminisce and for your reunions! Reunion weekend is coming up and Bowdoin will be serving another 1500+ lobsters!