Maine is the most peaceful state in the union and has been for 11 years.

According to the US Peace Index, Maine is the most peaceful state and has been for 11 years. That is terrific, but of course we already knew that. Here in Maine, murder is still news. Attempted murder is news. Hunting accidents are news. Sometimes when people get ticked off and shoot someone in the arm, it’s news. When fishermen get cranky at each other over turf and shoot at each other, that’s definitely news. (Most don’t carry guns in their boats like they used to though.) We still get shocked over this news and shake our heads and talk about it to our friends and family. These things are rare up here, so they are news and I like it that way. And by the way, this index has definitely made the news. You can check it out here.

Brunswick Maine is one of Smithsonian Magazine’s top 20 small town in America

This is terrific. Brunswick Maine is only 15 minutes from Quahog Bay Inn and the town all of Harpswell goes to do their banking, grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and that sort of stuff. Well sometimes we go to Bath Maine too since our bank has branches at both Brunswick and Bath. Brunswick is a great small town. It’s home to Bowdoin college, a beautiful small liberal arts college that has two lovely museums and a summer music theater. There are also lots of restaurants; Indian, Italian, Mexican, Deli’s, just about anything you want can be found in Brunswick, (that is if you’ve already eaten enough seafood at our great restaurants in Harpswell.) Check out the Smithsonian article here:

80 degrees forecasted for the Coast of Maine on Patriots Day

Will we break our heat record on Monday here on the Coast of Maine? They are forecasting 80 degrees for Patriots Day. Our record is 84 in Portland. We’ll see!

New dock work at our onsite lobster dock

There has been some work done at Quahog Bay Inn located in Harpswell, Maine. The deep water dock on the lobster dock, in front of and to the side of the bait cooler has been replaced. Here are some photos of the work and the almost finished product.

Deep water dock work at Quahog Bay

Deep water dock on Quahog Bay

We’ve had some other work done too and I’ll post photos as soon as I can.