February is the best month of the winter

February is a great month. First of all, it’s the shortest month of the year and the only month that changes ever 4 years. I remember when I was young they called that 29th day, Sadie Hawkins day; a day when women could propose to a gentleman of their fancy. I haven’t heard that for years though. I guess the days of women waiting around for a suitor to come a calling has long passed.
February has a lot of other great things about it too. Personally, it’s the month that people start making Inn reservations again. We don’t hear a lot from people in December and January. Besides that, February has 3 great holidays; Valentines Day, President’s Day and Ground Hog Day. Does that ground hog ever predict that winter is over? For us on the coast of Maine, winter never did start, and I’m not complaining!
February is also Black history month. Maine has numerous documented underground railroad sites. It might be an interesting project for the month to visit these historic sites. Harriet Beecher Stowe house here in Brunswick is just one of the documented sites.
There’s even more great things about February; maple sugar starts to be collected and turned into syrup; Westminster Kennel Club dog show happens; Quebec holds a great winter carnival; president day sales are everywhere; the sun is noticeable stronger; the days are noticeable longer; base ball’s spring training begins; and the Mardi Gras happens, (once in awhile that happens in March.)
February is also a busy time here on the Maine Coast. Fishermen all along the coast are working on their boats and gear. Shrimp season just ended, which is a sad day for me because Maine shrimp are the best shrimp anywhere. Some lobstermen are still fishing, so lobsters are still available, and the price is pretty good right now. Let’s hope the price can hold on through the spring.
So as you can see, I think a lot of February. I hope the month is great for you too!